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Swami Vivekananda Saraswati

Thailand / Romania

Vivekananda, fondly known as Swami, is the longtime teacher of Somananda and founder of the renowned Agama Yoga School, which is headquartered in Thailand. He is a powerful and dedicated practitioner of Indian and Tibetan Yoga in their most authentic and ancient forms, yet he presents spirituality as a living modern science. He first delved into spiritual studies at the age of 16, and by the time he enrolled in a master’s program in engineering at his university, he had already begun intense yogic and tantric practices. Swami is one of the few Tantra masters today who is also an expert in Kundalini Yoga, Tibetan Yoga, Gnostic Christianity, and the rare, elevated practices of Kashmiri Shaivism. Spiritual teachers often avoid speaking of their spiritual accomplishments, yet it is important to mention that Swami Vivekananda has reached high states of spiritual realization and samadhi. Swami was born in Romania, but has lived in Denmark, India, and Thailand for the past 25 years.


Israel / Estonia

Somananda was interested in spirituality and the powers of the human mind from a young age. He pursued his university degree in law, but after completing his studies and entering practice in his home country of Israel, he found that his real passions ultimately lay elsewhere – in spirituality. In 1996, while an attorney by day, Somananda discovered Yoga and began practicing from books on his own. As his love and passion for Yoga and spirituality grew, he left for India and met his teacher, Swami Vivekananda Saraswati. As a result Somananda immediately committed to the intense study and practice of Yoga, Tantra, and meditation and, by 2000, he began teaching. Somananda, who has reached high states of spiritual realization, is the founder and head teacher of Bhairava Yoga, a tantric Yoga school in Estonia, which offers a comprehensive repertoire of valuable spiritual teachings. Over the last decade he has taught in India, Thailand, Israel, Europe, and Estonia, and he now resides in Estonia.

Liisa Maimon


In 2009 Liisa participated in the very first Tantra Yoga Workshop given by Somananda in Estonia. Without immediately realizing it, this event was the turning point in a new and exciting chapter of her life – the spiritual path. Feeling a strong connection with the teachings, Liisa continued her Tantra, Yoga, and meditation studies with Somananda and Agama Yoga. She realized that Yoga, especially the way it is taught according to an authentic lineage, is a very powerful and practical science for personal evolution. Liisa completed the intensive Agama Teacher Training Course in 2012 and had been actively teaching Yoga since. After three years of personal study with Somananda she was also given the license to teach Tantra. Liisa, who was born in Estonia, is the cofounder and general manager of Bhairava Yoga and she also heads up the Tantra Festival organizing team

Eugene Hedlund


Eugene, a certified Five Rhythms teacher, is the founder of the SheddingSkins path of personal transformation and Raw Truth Living. He is also cofounder of Tribal and Heart Centered Tantra. Eugene’s passion is for exploring the edge with courageous authenticity and embracing the shadow in order to discover what lies underneath. His work is ultimately to invite each person to fall in love with themselves and feel empowered to step into the fullness of their being without hesitation or apology. Through the dance we discover the subtle wisdom in the language of our body. The shaman’s way connects us deeply to our elemental being, the Earth itself, and the great teachers of death, change, and alteration.

Špela Gornik


As a true bookworm Špela encountered Mantak Chia’s books on cultivating sexual energy back in the ’90s. She was so enchanted by the discoveries that she decided to enroll in Chinese studies at the university. After becoming quite familiar with the Chinese language and culture (which also included living, studying, and working in China), Špela immersed herself into studying the Chinese sexual arts from authentic sources. She has been collaborating with many Chinese doctors while working in the field of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) as a translator. Through her work and study, she has realized that Chinese medicine, along with meditation, contributes the most to the theoretical as well as practical foundations of sexual practices for nourishing health and longevity. Love – giving it, feeling it, and making it – provides Špela’s continuous incentive for spiritual growth.




Yogita has been exploring and teaching sexual Tantra and Yoga for the last 10 years in Thailand, India, Israel, Mexico, and Sweden. She is a passionate practitioner, committed to her own growth in Tantra, and has led women’s groups and rituals for the last five years. Yogita is also an experienced tantric massage therapist and she has helped hundreds of people worldwide open and blossom into their orgasmic potential. Yogita is a senior teacher at the Agama Yoga School on Koh Phangan island, Thailand.

Flore Nicolas


Flore is a deeply enthusiastic and loving Ayurvedic doctor, passionate about guiding people to a higher state of happiness through health. Her teachings are playful, full of wisdom and heartful passion. Flore is a university-qualified Ayurvedic doctor, with 12 years of experience practicing and teaching in Europe, India, and Africa. She has been practicing Yoga for more than 20 years and Tantra for five years. She is the cofounder of both The Radiant Couple courses and the Ecstatic Womanhood Institute. Flore loves to work with Ayurveda as a tantric medicine, bringing ecstasy to body, mind, and soul.

Petur Petursson


Petur has always been fascinated by ancient wisdom traditions, spending the last 20 years exploring many yogic and tantric teachings as well as Nordic and Native American Shamanism. He has both a great amount of knowledge and experience and a heart full of devotion. Petur, cofounder of The Radiant Couple courses, is an environmental consultant and lecturer as well as a Yoga teacher. He is passionate about transforming society through strengthening the masculine and reconnecting humanity to the spiritual aspect of nature.

Deva Lokita


Deva is certified by the Osho International Meditation Centre to facilitate Osho meditations and meditative therapies. She also completed a course of Self-Hypnosis for Meditation with Sudheer P. Niet and uses this gained knowledge in her life and teachings Deva is one of the leaders of the Osho Meditation Centre in Estonia where she regularly presents courses and does translations for other Osho facilitators and teachers.

Chandini Sarita


Chandini Sarita was looking into the inner world of the human being already in her youth. She has a master’s degree in psychology and for a long time psychological counseling work filled her days. When she discovered Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), her individual meditation practice started. Three years of learning the ancient science gave a deep experience of the inner world and showed her a new direction. In 2007 she discovered the world of Osho, one of the biggest turning points in her life. Chandini Sarita is now a certified facilitator of Osho meditations and the meditative therapy, “Mystic Rose.” She is one of the leaders and teachers of the Osho Meditation Centre in Tallinn and in 2015 she founded the Estonian Meditation School.


Kriya Dara


Kriya discovered her passion for spiritual studies a few years ago. She embarked on the path of Osho teachings and is now a certified facilitator of Osho meditations and meditative therapies. She has studied self-hypnosis for meditation and found this to be a unique tool in self-healing and connecting with the inner world. Kriya is one of the leaders of the Osho Meditation Centre in Estonia where she regularly guides Osho meditations and presents courses.



Hanna Angell


Hanna was disconnected from her body for many years, which led her on a personal journey into rediscovering herself and her connection to life. Through this, she found the amazing and healing effects of movement, sexual energy, music, and touch. Hanna trained in ecstatic dance, sacred sexuality, and Tantra and, through this, found ways not only to heal but to rediscover and reconnect with herself, realizing her passions in life. Now Hanna brings her softness, energy, and desire to the world to help others feel truly alive, in touch with their bodies and connected to life. http://www.lovingyoursensualself.com/



João André Cosme


João, born and raised in Portugal, has lived in the UK for 13 years. After many years as a university teacher of African literature, he started on a spiritual journey toward personal freedom and happiness and soon realized his passion and callings lay elsewhere. When he came across the path of Tantra and sacred sexuality, he quickly began his Tantra teacher training with the School of Being. Since then, his passion has been to share his teachings with a holistic approach, which helps others reach their full potential in different aspects of spiritual development. He uses Tantra to provide people with tools for healing, growth, authenticity, freedom, vitality, pleasure, and happiness… always with compassion. http://www.lovingyoursensualself.com/


Urmas Sõõrumaa


Urmas Sõõrumaa is a well-known Estonian entrepreneur who is strong in the fields of both security services and real estate. However, most people are not aware that in addition to his everyday business he has been studying various Oriental sciences and spiritual teachings for years and exploring their practices. Foremost among his interests, he is especially fond of Mantak Chia’s Taoist teachings. Recently he spent three weeks in Thailand at Chia’s center participating in a dark room retreat to purify his mind and body. This practice, which brought some substantial breakthroughs and insights, will be the subject of one of his talks during the festival concerning the connection of spiritual practice with everyday life.


Elicia Deva


Elicia has been a lifelong student of mysticism, neuroscience, alchemy, mystery schools, and spiritual science. She graduated from Stanford University with a degree in Human Consciousness and in the few decades since she has travelled the world in search of teachings that retain the most wisdom. She believes that Tantra is the most complete spiritual technology available for understanding the potential of the human being. Tantra is suited to her temperament as a lover of the Goddess and the Earth. She has a passion to bring science and spirit together.


Nicolas Cambas


Nicolas is an artist who investigates the fields of art and therapy as they intersect society mainly using different aspects of improvisation and experimental languages in theater, clowning, dance, music, and shamanism. In his performances and classes he looks into points of contact between structure and improvisation, games and the collective unconscious, laughing and healing, shamanism and paradigm change. He teaches art and shamanism in Durga`s Tiger School, a Tantra school based in Ecuador.


Mirjam Hakkaja


Mirjam has been interested in spiritual teachings since the 1980s when as a teenager she first had the opportunity to read Yoga and Tantra books. Her interest remained latent for years as she enjoyed professional success. Mirjam’s passion to experience deeper levels of being flourished again when she became a Yoga and Tantra student under the guidance of Somananda Maimon in 2010. Since then she also became interested in Ayurveda, which she has studied in Europe and India. Mirjam feels that her teaching and practice of Ayurveda enables the full experience and deep enjoyment of life.


Liivi Hiienurm


Liivi has always been interested in spirituality and the mysteries of life. In 2012 she found her true passion in Acro Yoga. She brought this dynamic teaching to her hometown of Tartu in Estonia and has been an active leader and teacher. For the past few years she has been walking the path of a yogini, going deeper into her practice. Liivi has a diploma in Tourism and Hotel Management and has been working in the tourism industry, but her true calling is being a guide to the world of Acro Yoga.


Silver Tang


Silver is a certified Yoga and Acroyoga instructor. He was introduced to Acroyoga when living in a permaculture community in Ecuador and soon realized that there was no turning back. With each practice session, he is fascinated about how AY is bringing yet more subtle insigths about being present, commiting, listening to others as well as ones self and most importantly about building community. He is one of the first people to start introducing this practice in Estonia and is partly responsible for the creation of the Estonian AY community.




Rajendra has always been interested in the significance of invisible realms of life, a fascination which led him to study energetical engineering while a university student. This curiosity brought him to a path of self-discovery in 2010 when he started his Yoga and Tantra studies, soon to be accompanied by different meditation techniques and practices. Following his wish to be beneficial to the world, he studied to become a Yoga teacher at Agama Yoga and now he is sharing his passion with his students.



Liisa-Indra Pajuste


Liisa-Indra majored in Political Sciences from Tallinn University, and later on worked as a journalist, editor-in-chef and head of communications.               Life has always driven her towards discovering more than meets the eye. So one day, almost 10 years ago, Liisa-Indra tried raw foods and experienced high energy, wellbeing and spiritual awakening. She bounced back to a regular diet but started to shift towards vegan. So now she’s married and a mother of two, her family has been high raw vegan almost 5 years. Liisa-Indra also has a website banaanisaar.ee.


Dr Mare Pruks


Dr Mare Pruks works as a gynaecologist, couple and sexual therapist. In 2012 she received the diploma of clinical sexology from the Nordic Association for Clinical Sexology that certifies her expertise in the field and gives her the competence of a clinical sexologist. She is also a board member of the Estonian Association of Academic Sexology.  Additionally she has learned body-oriented psychotherapy for five years. Her teachers in this field have been Cornelia and Siegmar Gerken, the founders and trainers of the International Institute for Core Evolution® & CoreSoma.