The 2015 International Tantra Festival will take again place at the picturesque lakeside resort of Venevere close to the town of Põltsamaa in Viljandi County, Estonia. We have chosen Venevere because of its marvelous surroundings, great spirit, and lovely atmosphere. (

Participants’ festival arrival is planned for Friday, 17th July 2014, between 2PM and 5PM. Upon arrival you will need to register at the Registration Tent, where we will provide you with a wrist band and you are guided to your tenting space or room accommodation (according to your prior selection).

Those who hold a one-day ticket for Saturday or Sunday, or who hold a weekend pass but unfortunately are unable to arrive Friday, are welcome to arrive from 9AM onwards either day.

How to get there?

It is very easy!

The distance from Tallinn to Venevere is 135 km and from Tartu 82 km. While the most convenient means of reaching the Tantra Festival is by car, we strongly recommend that those who are able please cooperate and carpool together.c_281_4782

If you are looking for a shared ride in a car or have a space to offer, please make an announcement on the Tantra Festival Facebook page, giving your name, place, and time of departure, and your phone number. Sharing rides and costs will help more people solve their transportation needs!

On your way back you can use the same path or simply hitch a ride with the locals. See, easy!

If you are flying in from outside of Estonia, the best arrival port is Tallinn, the capital. From there it takes about 1.5 hours by a comfortable bus to the town Põltsamaa in the middle of the country (tickets can be bought 10 to 30 days in advance <> here). If you arrive to the city of Tartu in South of Estonia, same thing, just catch a bus to Põltsamaa.

In Põltsamaa we have arranged a festival bus waiting to pick you up on Friday 17 July and it will also bring you back on Sunday 19 July. See the schedule here:

17 July




19 July



Please sign up for this bus via The ticket has to purchased in advance, total round trip (Põltsmaa-Venevere-Põltsamaa) costs 14€ and can be paid via bank transfer or PayPal.


What to bring

  • A Yoga mat, which can also be used on grass
  • Small blanket and pillow for sitting
  • Towel for swimming and sauna
  • Musical instruments
  • Swimsuit and natural sunscreen
  • Comfortable clothing and shoes
  • Tent and sleeping gear if you did not purchase a room accommodation

What not to bring

  • No pets are permitted on the festival grounds.
  • No smoking, drugs, or alcohol of any kind are permitted on the festival grounds at any time.
  • No arms or firearms are permitted on the festival grounds at any time.

Meals at the Festival

As the dietary preferences of participants can be quite differing, the festival pass does not include catering. You can buy it separately – and we would certainly recommend doing it because only this way you’ll have guaranteed warm meals throughout the festival!FotorCreated

The food ticket includes 6 warm meals: dinner on Friday, breakfast, lunch and dinner on Saturday and breakfast and lunch on Sunday. The caterer at the festival is Venevere resort but the recipes are created and tested by the vegan cafe Inspiratsioon ( ) and vegetarian consultant Liisa-Indra Pajuste ( The food does not include meat or eggs and are gluten free. They do include ample fiber-rich vegetables, healthy herbs and seasoning, beneficial vitamins and minerals.

Catering is carried out within the festival area at scheduled times. You don’t need to bring your own dinnerware but we still encourage you to do it for the sake of the nature :)!

The meals are more expensive when bought on site. And certainly you can bring your own food. Also there are various snack and food sellers at the bazaar (NB! Take enough cash with you for the bazaar).

Staying Overnight

Your festival pass includes a camping spot in the festival area. Please take your tent and sleepingc_281_3967gear. If you have purchased room accommodation then please go to the information tent at the bazaar area where you’ll get further information. Lodging includes a blanket, pillow and bed linen. Washing places and toilets are at different places in the festival area and shared by both campers and lodgers.

Need to know

  • The official language of the festival is English. Most festival events and activities will be held in English. The main English lectures will also be translated into Estonian. Events held in Estonian are not translated into English. Look up the language info in the program!
  • Tantra Festival is open to participants aged 18 and over.
  • We kindly ask you not to take photos or record videos or audio during the festival to respect everyones privacy and the teachings. Photographing and recording in the Free Body Area is strictly forbidden!c_281_4391
  • There will be official photographers and camera men in the festival who have been instructed by the organizers to respect everyone’s privacy and comfort as much as possible. However, as this is an open event, the organizers cannot guarantee that no photos or videos will be taken of you by unauthorised parties and that they will not be used publicly.
  • The official photos and recordings done by the festival team and/or authorised media personnel will be used for promotional purposes in public written, online or TV media. We ask for your understanding.